Repatriation Services

A repatriation is returning your loved one to their native country.

We offer full worldwide repatriation services of the highest standards at any of our London branches. Repatriation can appear to be overwhelming, however, we will do all we can to make this process as straight-forward as possible.

Our all-inclusive fee to return the deceased to their native country is comprised of the following services:-

  • Travel arrangements from place of death to our chapel of rest
  • Personal and professional supervision throughout, including all necessary paperwork and confirmation of flight
  • A hermetically sealed coffin/casket suitable for the repatriation
  • Embalming and dressing
  • Suitable packaging to protect the casket during transportation
  • Airfare for the deceased
  • Transportation to the airport
  • Repatriation from the UK to any overseas destination worldwide

In addition to the above ( for a nominal fee ) we can help to arrange a Church service or provide any other special requests prior to departure.

How the repatriation process works

If you wish to repatriate your loved one abroad we will firstly require from you an original death certificate and original copy of their passport, this will enable us to begin obtaining essential paperwork in order to send the body outside the UK and to bring them into our care in branch. In some instances, we may be required to liaise with the Embassy or Consulate to obtain additional paperwork.

We shall then prepare the deceased, as appropriate, with the embalming process and dressing (if clothing is being supplied). Nearer the time of your requested date of repatriation, we will liaise with you in greater detail regarding flight times and any additional requirements such as a Church service or viewings. We will need you to ensure you have a consignee (including full contact details) in the country concerned and they must be contactable at the time.

Please note, in some instances, additional paperwork is required such as a Waiver (For Repatriation to Nigeria) which you will need to personally obtain but we are available to guide you through these procedures s hould they be relevant to your arrangements. We may also need to liaise with your country of destination’s Embassy here in London to obtain the required paperwork and official stamps that will allow us to proceed with the repatriation.

If a death happens overseas and you would like your loved one to be buried or cremated in the UK, we can advise you on how to get them back to the UK to the best of our ability. If your loved one has passed away while travelling we would strongly advise that you check to see if they have travel insurance. If so, most insurance policies will cover the costs or repatriation back to the UK. The insurance company will also liaise with a funeral director in the country they passed away in to make all the preparations for the flight back and arrange a funeral directors to collect from the London airport to deliver your loved one to our chapel of rest. If your loved one did not have travel insurance or was living abroad you will have to liaise with your chosen funeral director in the country concerned to arrange the repatriation back to the UK. We would then act as the consignee and collect your loved one from any London airport. Once your loved one is in our care we can start proceedings on the documentation for the c remation or burial to take place. We will liaise with the local coroner to issue the formal documentation needed and, if required, to translate all documents received from the consignor. Once this has all been completed all funeral arrangements will continue as normal.

Please contact our Repatriations Team, mainly located at the Camberwell Office, for a discussion of your personal requirements on 0207 703 4186.