Repatriation to Italy

Please find below an outline of the documentation, and flight information that you would need to know to start a repatriation with ourselves. If you wish to have a more detailed outline of our services please click on our “Repatriation” or “Services” page.
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Basic paperwork required

For your convenience please find a list of documentation and information that we would need to complete a repatriation for your loved one;

  • Original Death Certificate x 2: This is the most important document and allows us to start the repatriation process ( We keep the original but upon arrival to the final destination your chosen consignee should return this to you )

  • Original Passport: This is a form of identification and is required for some paperwork to be processed and for the flight to take place.

  • Consignee’s Details: To request a flight for your loved one we must have contact information for the person or company that would be collecting from your requested airport. We must have their full name, address, telephone number and email address.

  • Burial Information: In order for us to obtain all the relevant paperwork from the Italian Consulate we will need information in regards to your loved ones final resting place. This will be the name of the cemetery, the address of the cemetery and the Location of the Grave (Ie Grave Number and Section - if relevant).


The following paperwork we will obtain for the repatriation;

  • Out of England Certificate: This document is issued by the local coroner and gives permission for us to repatriate your loved one ( An original death certificate and in some circumstances a passport is required to obtain this document )

  • Free From Infection Certificate: This is issued by the hospital / Pathologist or GP and is informing us that your loved one is safe for travel. ( If your loved one does have a communicable infection a repatriation can still take place but depending on circumstance can change some options available to you - Please ask our team if you have any further questions in this regard )

  • Embalming Certificate: This document we create once your loved one has been embalmed. This is a legal requirement for any repatriation and also preserves your loved one for viewing purposes.

  • Funeral Directors Declaration: This document we create once we are in the final stages of the repatriation.

Additional paperwork required


We will contact the London Italian Consulate giving the full particulars of the deceased (complete name, place and date of birth) together with all the relevant information concerning the cause of death, place and date of death, place of burial and port of entry in Italy.

A request will then be forwarded to Italy by the Italian Consular Authority for the authorization of entry of the human remains and until the necessary authorization is received, the remains must not leave Great Britain. However, in the meantime the following documents must be obtained by the Funeral Director:

  • Copy of the Death Certificate legalized by the legalization department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, PO Box 6255 - Milton Keynes MK10 1XX - Tel. 03700 00 22 44 (from the UK), +44 20 7008 5959 (from outside the UK);
  • Embalming certificate;
  • Doctor’s certificate, stating that the deceased did not suffer from any infectious or contagious disease;
  • Photocopy of the Coroner’s “Out of England Order”;
  • In the case of a Coroner’s Interim Certificate being temporarily presented, the Funeral Director must undertake to obtain, once the inquest is closed, two copies of the Death Certificate issued by the Registrar for the use of this Office’s;
  • Should the deceased be of Italian nationality, it is necessary to produce the Italian passport and/or identity card;
  • Funeral Directors declaration.

Once the authorization has been obtained from Italy, the coffin has to be brought to this Office for the Consular Seals to be affixed (by appointment only, between 12 noon and 1pm – kindly bring a blow torch along) without which the body would not be allowed to enter Italy.

Flight information

Due to Covid-19 flights have been greatly disrupted. Please contact us on 0207 703 4186 to find the most up to date flight information.

Embassy information

Address: 14 Three Kings' Yard, Mayfair, London W1K 4EH

Phone: 0207 312 2200


Directions: Click here for directions and map

Our Service

Upon our first meeting with you we will go through a breakdown of our services  and the choices you have while your loved one is in our care. From your decisions we will be able to give you a detailed quotation. If you are aware of the flight date that you wish to have at this time we will endeavour to complete everything required in time for this to happen.  If you choose to go ahead with our services we will require the Original Death certificate to start the repatriation process from here we will arrange the external and internal documents that will be required. Please see the above list for the documents that we would require from yourselves.